20+ Trend-Driven Scrunchies

2019 was a year for the ’90s to pop, and 2020 is living it! The biggest trend in the ’90s was, of course, scrunchies, so SCRUNCHIES ARE BACK, they do not only look amazing and stylish but also they are kind to your hair and not harmful as other hair ties. You can use scrunchies even when you are going to sleep, to prevent your hair from damage, and getting dirty quicker. So dress it up or down they will be your best friends ever.

Scrunchies can add pop and texture to your outfit in minutes, by matching them to your belt, bag, or even shoes. There are a lot of kinds of scrunchies; velvet, leather, denim, teddy, glittery, etc. First, the celebrities started rocking the scrunchies, and there are so many ways to rock scrunchies, you can even find high-end scrunchies now. You can use scrunchies in every hairstyle from a half-updo to hair-twists and top-knots. These styles are my personal favorite ones, let’s see.

You can use scrunchies as outfit statements, the ones with a scarf on them are so easy to style, you can wrap them around your top-knots or make a bow with it like this one in the picture. Choose the best color to fit your hair color, or outfit.

Neutral colors are a must in 2020, why not use neutral colors on your scrunchies to finish your outfit? They are looking so effortless but amazing at the same time.

Houndstooth is the most sophisticated fabric ever, and when you use it on a scrunchie on your low bun, it will elevate your look in a blink. This style is suitable for work.

White or cream-colored scrunchies are looking so clean and minimalistic, that I think every girl needs one. Cotton ones will look awesome and teddy ones will look so cute on you, also I recommend both of them for sleeping.

Animal-print is this year’s trend as you know, of course, we can find a lot of different animal-printed scrunchies out there. I love how CHIC they look, in every outfit.

Black can be combined with every color and it will look so cool with your style. Black scrunchies are edgy and modern, as you can see it can even be styled as a bracelet. My personal favorite ones are black ones again as black fringed jackets. 🙂 If you are curious you can find them here.

Blue is the royal color, let’s show your royal style! Baby blue or indigo blue colored scrunchies will suit every hair color. I recommend you to combine them with your shoes!

If you are a pink girl you may like these scrunchies and style them with your other pink accessories. Also, the hairstyle is looking so unique, I need to try it ASAP.

Neutral pink-colored scrunchies, let’s try them this year with simple outfits.

A pop of color, or tone on tone outfit with a colorful scrunchie, you will look like a star!

Plus: You will not lose them like any other hair ties!

These scrunchies are the most preferred ones this year, I hope you like them and got some outfit or hairstyle ideas. For more new fashion trends follow me, and feel free to leave feedback. I would be glad if you share this post with your friends. 🙂

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