18 Best Fringed Jackets & Coats for Winter!

Vintage fashion is trendy this year and a symbol of 2020’s fashion is fringed jackets. One of the most prominent fashions of this year is, of course, the fringed jacket. This style matches the vintage style of 2020. Since you can combine them with all kinds of outfits, they will be the star piece in your wardrobe. Whether you use them with skirts, dresses, jeans or work clothes, you will look so stylish.

You can wear fringed jackets with both casual and formal looks, and there are so many ways to wear these jackets/coats and as you can find them in various materials, like leather, suede, denim, etc. there are tons of different outfits to try let’s look at some of the ideas. By the way, my personal favorite one is black suede jackets 🙂

Tan colored coat with fringes, umm do I need to talk more? In this outfit, everything is screaming out loud, it is soo beautiful. Little black bag, pointy kitten heels, cat-eye sunglasses, fringe, and turtle neck so classic yet beautiful.

Fringe never looked as good as on this red suede, studded jacket. Love how they combined it with a mini denim skirt.

Such a neutral outfit, I think everyone can rock this outfit! This coat will make you warm and make you stylish at the same time. The coat has got a lot of details on it but the fringe detail is completing the look.

Like I said before my personal favorite one is here 🙂 black & suede. Black is my soul color, it is looking so royal and gothic at the same time do you understand me? Also as you know black can be combined with literally everything. You need one little black dress and a black suede fringed jacket in your wardrobe!

A black fringed blazer is an absolute necessity for working chic. It will make you look so formal yet stylish at the same time. Who can say no to this beautiful look?

Look how cool this outfit is… What’s the star of this outfit? Of course, the fringe detailed blazer coat with houndstooth fabric is awesome! I love how a simple outfit is turning out so amazing with a star piece. P.S knee-high boots or cowboy boots are a good choice to combine with fringe detail.

I – can – not – even – talk! Fringe with beads? It is looking soooo amazing, and cool with beads as fringes you can wear this coat alone as an outfit. I want to have this for valentines day.

Yes, I love black suede fringed jackets, but I can not deny that leather is in my heart too. It is such a classic but attractive look to rock this season and also in spring!

Well, well, well. Look who is here? A denim jacket can be boring this year but if it has fringe on it I will take it! As you know denim on denim is still in!

Do not forget when you are wearing a fringed jacket and if it is brown, wear a simple shirt or jumper beneath it, everyone will love your simplicity. Tan brown fringed jackets are working best with white tops and denim pants.

Black fringed jackets are giving such a charming look and it is also looking so decent to that you can wear it daytime and nighttime. Black on black is also still in but why not use fringe detail on it to make your outfit pop!

Jackets that are looking as shirts are fashionable this year, so you may choose this style if you do not need too much warmth on your body.

Another outfit idea for a tan brown fringed jacket, again worn with a white shirt and denim but turned into a nighttime look with black high-heels.

Silky looking shirt combined with a black fringed jacket is my all-time favorite, It is looking so effortless but stunning at the same time.

Jackets are beautiful and gorgeous, but it’s really cold where I live so coats are my best friend. Tan color is looking so fabulous when it is combined with fringe…

This style is looking so fancy, I think I am in love. Studs and fringe are best friends, look at the details of how gorgeous it is looking. You can wear these kinds of jackets with dresses or simple outfits.

OVERSIZE is summarizing 2019’s trend and this year it is going on. Oversize coats are still in, just add fringes to them so you will transform into 2020 🙂 To DIY your fringed jacket/coat is an option too.

Dark brown fringe jacket and rusty colored tops are the best color combinations ever!

These outfits and styles of fringed jackets/coats are the most preferred ones this year, I hope you like them and got some outfit ideas. For more new fashion trends follow me, and feel free to leave feedback. I would be glad if you share this post with your friends. 🙂

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