20 Spectacular Thanksgiving DIY Ideas to Try This Year

Fall is my favorite season and finally, it’s time to decorate my house for Thanksgiving with some festive decors, I don’t know about you but I’m putting all my Halloween decoration a.k.a skeletons, spiderwebs, and ghosts 🙂 But my problem for this year was, I was out off trendy Thanksgiving decor, so I will show tons of seriously pretty DIY ideas for you and me to try this season. It’s important for me to not to forget giving thanks so, I am keeping this in mind while decorating my house.

If you are looking to add a little awesome to your Thanksgiving table this year, please scroll down.

Thanks for DarcyandBrian

An easy and beautiful craft for this Thanksgiving to try is these coffee filter turkeys, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to make according to DarcyandBrian. First, color the coffee filter and spray it with water, and boom the colors will blend together, set aside to try and use it as a decor.

You will need clothespins, coffee filters, googly eyes, markers, glue gun, acrylic paint, and foams.

If you want decor that looks fantastic and smells the same at the same time, this DIY is for you my friends. Cinnamon is the best smell for Thanksgiving and the fall time. This DIY is so easy and cheap because you will only need a candle, cinnamon sticks, and jute twine. You can also give these cinnamon stick candles as a gift or four yourself.

Thanks for jamonkey

Such a thankful day, be happy with your family and your kids. Kids will love this adorable Turkey Popcorn, M&M’s Treat Bag and it is so fun to make and eat at the same time 🙂

Thanks for apieceofrainbow
Thanks for apieceofrainbow

Pinecones are looking amazing all through the fall and winter seasons, but it is most beautiful when they are white and brown mixed and it is on your Thanksgiving table. You can use bleach to make these white pinecones or you can use diluted paint to have whitewashed looking pinecones. Do not forget to bake the bugs out of your pinecones!

Another fun craft for kids to make, or a snack gift to give to your friends and family. You can also use these little M&M Turkey Snack’s to decorate your Thanksgiving table. You may protect the candies with saran wrap according to CleanandScentsible.

Such a beautiful way to show your gratitude by spelling thanks on whitewashed pumpings. You can write the letters with paint or according to adiamondinthestuff you can use cardstock aswell.

Thanks for society19

Like I mentioned before I love pinecones and how they add a touch of perfectness to your decor. This is another way to use them, just use them as name tags for your table setting. There are plenty of ways to use them but these are my favorite ones.

Thanks for lobzik

These beautiful colored maple leave roses are so perfect for a Thanksgiving dining table, I can not wait to recreate and put them on my table.

Such a beautiful way to display your wine corks after drinking them 🙂 It’s so easy and cheap to make I can not hold back to make it right now. According to mygourmetconnection you will only need some paint, hot glue, felt and a little twine to recycle some old wine corks into a cute wine cork pumpkin.

Thanks for happyhomefairy
Thanks for happyhomefairy

Happyhomefairy is saying that this Turkey is the greatest thanksgiving centerpiece and I totally agree. It’s looking so cute and creative but mostly yummy 🙂 I think this decoration will not last longer than 5 minutes on the table!

Source unknown

Acorns & Mums are looking so amazing together, you can change the flowers or nuts to have varieties on your table.

Thanksgiving printables are a great way to decorate your table as well.

Collect all the leaves from your backyard or on your path back home and use mod podge to create an awesome vase or bowl. You can put treats, pinecones or gifts inside it.

You will only need toilet paper and napkins for this amazing and easy craft.

You can, of course, make a bowl with these leaves or you can hang it like this also for decorating your walls.

I hope you enjoyed my post and got inspiration from the pictures.

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