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Xmas is coming and people are going insane for buying gifts and turning their house into a wonderful place with their decorations. I wrote a post about creating your own unusual Chrismas tree, but is it enough for the spirit? Umm, no. Christmas is the right time for creating some crafts because it is the most festive holiday ever and I don’t know a better way to celebrate it without creating my own DIY projects. DIY projects are adding a novel look and also it is so entertaining to make. Some decorations are expensive but if you create them on your own it will be much cheaper. For this you only need to have some creativity and inventory, if you were looking for DIY Christmas Crafts you are in the right place, so let’s have a look at my gallery for inspiration. I hope you will cherish all of them and they will really blow your mind, so you will want to try them. Start scrolling down for Christmas craft ideas to make your entire home look as festive as possible in this holiday season.

For these beautiful Christmas Stars, you do not need a lot of things. Some popsicles or twigs, a bunch of rosemary, some branches, string lights, glue gun and you’re done! You can make it big or small according to the place that you want to put it. It will look so stunning in your living room or on your door and it will give the holiday cheer with its rustic feeling.

3D or 2D corner Christmas wall trees are just like a Christmas tree also they are using less space than real ones, and they look a-ma-zing. You can either buy them and decorate them with ornaments on your style, or you can make them from scratch. You may use string lights, twigs, garlands, ornaments, and tree toppers.

Garlands are the most used items for Christmas, am I right? But, are we using them only on the Xmas tree? No! You can also hang them anywhere you wish for example; from the stairs, from the ceiling, from the door. You can use ornaments or snowflakes ( cotton pads) for making them more appealing.

Every year I want to have extravagance looking astonishing table arrangements, but if I am on a budget, I am looking at DIY centerpieces for Christmastime. You can use candles and DIY the bottle candle holders, by using twigs, string lights, flowers, herbs, glitter, old cans, old glass bottles, jars etc. You can make multiple from them by using varying sizes, and they will make an amazing centerpiece. You can also turn a wine glass over put a candle on top of it and fill it with pine branches, candies, chocolates, cupcakes, artificial snow, or cranberries.

Using pinecones in the Christmastime is my favorite, I think they are giving the holiday cheers, and they are adding a warmth to the place. You can create a pine tree forest, a hanging garland of pinecones, a pinecone ornament, a pinecone Christmas front door decoration, a centerpiece, etc. For these DIY’s you will need some pinecones of course :), old wine corks, branches, twigs, glue gun, glitter, green spray, string lights, little stars, dried oranges, etc. They are so easy yet amazing looking DIY crafts, you can either use them in your house or you can give them as a gift to your family or friends. TIP: Do not forget to bake the bugs out of your pinecones!

I admire Rudolf it is so cute and it is reminding me of Christmastime of course. Every year as decor I am using Rudolf, and I hope these will give you some inspiration. You may need; branches, pinecone, wood glue, floral wire, glue gun, paint, paintbrush, glitter, wooden slices, and strings. You can use these as ornaments on your Xmas tree or as centerpieces.

If you want to charm outside of your house too, you may need some Christmas wreaths. They are representing the circle of life and wreaths are expressing them in the best way possible. Do I need to say that they look wondrous? DIY a wreath is so easy because all you need are the supplies and a little bit of inspiration. You may use one wreath and it will look excellent but you may also use double tire wreaths and make it much better. Decorate your wreaths with flowers, lights, ribbons, herbs, etc. for a personalized look.

I hope you will get inspiration from my post 🙂

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