Great Halloween Makeup Ideas

You are so excited about Halloween, but you do not have an idea what to wear, and which makeup to make. Every year the same thing is boring for most of us, new ideas are hard to find so I’m here to help you. If it is the last minute or not these easy and amazing makeup ideas will blow your mind. Also if you have something like this on your face, no one will need to look at your costume, trust me J more time on makeup pleaseeeee. I will share my top 20 Halloween makeup ideas, please feel free to comment on which one is your favorite one.

Pearl sugar skull make-up

Using pearls and a lot of white color on your face, a beautiful flower crown, and luscious hair, can you imagine how sexy you will look???

Wolf make-up

Wolf-girls are seeexxyy and hot. Can you deny this? Don’t forget to draw a fang, and use a lot of dark colors, brown and gray.

Suicide squad

She is her Daddy’s Lil Monster, how perfect for Halloween. The key for this look is pink and blue ponytails, eyeshadow and a black heart on your cheek.

Cracked Doll

The key is the doll-like eyes, for this use a white waterliner. And do not forget the cracks on your face, use a black liner.


Cute or scary, angel or evil who knows? 

The Nun

Even without the dress, everyone will understand what you are, for this Halloween. Look at that big bloody cross on her forehead

Vampire Makeup

Not a normal vampire girl, she is the queen of vampires! Don’t forget the vein details under your eyes and dark lines. Umm, do I need to remind you of bloodstains.

Lichtenstein Pop Art

Big doll eyes, red plump lips,  black lines, red dots, yes you are right it is Lichtenstein pop-art makeup for Halloween.


Well no time for a long and challenging makeup, this look is for you. 4 steps to follow.


With a touch of pop-art, you will be Wonder(full), Woman. Use a lot of black lines, and a touch of white.

Fortune Teller

My favorite Halloween look is this fortune teller makeup. She looks wonderful. This makeup is so intriguing because it is not used a lot for Halloween makeups.


This makeup is easy, and eye-catching at the same time if you do not have enough time take a red lipstick and smudge it on your face.

Diamond Zipper Face

Everyone knows the zipper face am I right? But with these diamonds, you will add a shiny twist to your Halloween makeup.


How cool is she? Frozen eyelashes and lips are the key details in this makeup.


Even thinking about her scares me, so I think this makeup is the best choice for Halloween? What do you think? The key detail is her braided hair and doll-like eyes.

Catrina Sugar Skull

Look how cute and beautiful she is, and how evil she can be? Don’t forget the big black eyes.

Half Skull

You can have full-face skull as well, but do you really want to hide the feminine charm of your eyes and brows?

Frankenstein’s Wife

A sexy woman with a big scar on her face. Key detail the scar, dark lips, white hair strand, and a long eyeliner.


For this look more is more ? use as much glitter you can use, and don’t let anyone touch you.

Dark fairy

Beautiful big eyes, and soul from hell. Use a lot of dark details.

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