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Whether in everyday life or on special occasions – we – women love make-up. Brushes are swung, eyelids are colored, eyelashes painted, then a little eye shadow here, a few highlights there. But you do not have to apply too much make to look good. With a no-make-up look, you look flawless, fresh and natural.

Less is more! The no-make-up or even nude look has what it takes to be a modern classic. Well-known fashion designers and some stars rely on the natural look. Who thinks no-make-up look means to be completely unvarnished, is wrong. Although you look in the end without makeup it is just in a perfect, perfect way. We will explain step by step how you can do no-makeup look by yourself.

Step by Step


The basic requirement is an even complexion. That means; correct, cover, highlight. If you already have beautiful skin by nature, a primer for an even complexion or a BB cream, which does not cover the skin too much but makes it look natural. Impurities can be corrected with a concealer. If your skin needs a bit more to look perfect, you can use a foundation that matches your skin tone. However, we only apply the foundation to places where it is needed.


To emphasize certain facial parts naturally set bright accents. Apply a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye, on the cheeks, on the highest point of the eyebrows and the arch of the lips. This will slightly contour your face and give it a natural glow that gives it instant freshness.


Complex eye make-up is not necessary with this look. For a naturally beautiful look, you need only a little mascara. First, use eyelash curlers. Then put on your mascara. A little trick for extra naturalness: apply the mascara only at the roots and not to the tips. So the natural look is retained but the eyelashes are still full. A mascara in warm dark brown is best. Those who do not want to do without eye shadow, choose soft shades of brown.


With full eyebrows, comb them up with a clear gel and fix them. However, if your brows need a little more to look full, you can gently fill them with an eyebrow pencil or powder. The color, however, should suit your type and look natural.


Natural freshness is created by a touch of blush. Gentle rosé or brown tones are suitable for this. Spread a little of it on the cheekbones to model the face. Pay attention to a good transition to the complexion, so that the cheeks look natural and fresh.


For a natural-looking makeup, a lightly tinted lip balm is perfect. Alternatively, the lips can also be emphasized with a little foundation. If that’s not enough for you, use a subtle gloss or a lipstick in nude colors.


For the finish, you can use some transparent powder on your face to fix the look and to matt the complexion. Important: Do not apply too much powder – otherwise the look will look like a mask and unfavorable.

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