10 Wedding Makeup Designs & Tips & Ideas

Latest 2019 Bridal Makeup Models: Here you will find a variety of hairstyles and bridal make-up that will hopefully fit your taste. In this issue of Makingherup post, we have provided you with beautiful and spectacular designs, tips & ideas for a stylish and attractive bridal make-up.

The wedding is the most important day in the life of every woman. Experience a perfect day and look stunningly beautiful – these are usually the wishes for your wedding. Everything has to be perfect here. With these make-up tips, every bride-to-be should say “Yes, I Do” without hesitation, because these tips will give you a flawless, perfect make-up on your wedding day!

1- Test early! The perfect bridal makeup is not something you try on the day itself. Plan the first makeup try at least 3 weeks before the wedding – but no longer before. Especially, if you have been in the sun a lot or plan to work with facial tanner, you should remember that your skin tone may change.

2- Wear a white shirt! If you get makeup done by a make-up artist, wear a white shirt. So you see how the makeup will work with the bright color of your dress! Also, remember that you may have normal daylight at your wedding or studio lighting. 

3- Glowing-eyes! Tired eyes, puffiness and dryness lines can be seen through every beautiful makeup. It is therefore essential to use regular eye creams, apply a moisturizing mask the night before and let the swelling subside with cooling patches or home remedies such as cucumber slices.

4- Inspiration is allowed! Be inspired and collect pictures from magazines or blogs that you like. Find out what you like best about the looks and explain it to your makeup stylist. But be careful not to get ravished by photos of Rihanna’s golden complexion when you look more like Dita Von Teese.

5- The outfit sets the tone! When choosing your make-up, be sure to remember your outfit: What style fits your dress? The nude look, for example, fabulously emphasizes the naturalness of boho dresses. For a princess dress it may be quiet but a little more feminine.
Pay attention also to your shoes and accessories: If you intend to put some colored highlight, the Makeup must fit also here.

6- Tired? Not a trace! Find the perfect concealer: dark shadows under the eyes destroy the complete look immediately. The tone should be a shade lighter than your normal skin tone and have enough opacity without producing a masking effect.
Even in the inner corner of the eye causes a swab concealer wonders and makes the look immediately radiant and awake!

7- Fake but fabulous: eyelash extensions are a must! Put on false eyelashes – but not on entire eyelash rows, but on individual eyelashes. This looks much more natural. You can just stick it between your eyelashes.

8- Keep the most important in mind! The most important thing about bridal make-up is the basis: even, radiant skin, beautifully shaped eyebrows, and curved eyelashes are the basis. You should work on this soon enough: you can also take care of your skin, pluck and color your brows, and possibly even have your eyelashes shaped with eyelash color and eyelash wave. Everything else like lips and eyeshadows only looks great when the rest is right!

9- Smart makes you beautiful! Look for beauty news, make-up tutorials and makeup tips to keep you up to date and know what’s available to you. Beautiful makeup is a science in itself.

10- Go Pro: quality instead of quantity! Your wedding make-up has to last a whole day and an entire night – it only works with good, high-quality products. They do not run, do not form lumps and keep what they promise. So it’s worth digging a bit deeper for the day and investing in products that we do not use in everyday life: fixing sprays or primers, for example.

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