Best Open Wedding Hair Styles

Unfortunately, open hair still has to struggle with the prejudice of not being smart enough. This is the perfect nonsense! Even open hair can look elegant and romantic, but also casual and cool – depending on the bride’s personal preference. Anyway, the most important thing about the bridal hairstyle is that it suits the bride. To make you feel as beautiful as never before, and yet feel good in your skin, we have the best tips and inspiration for bridal hairstyles with open hair.

1. Be yourself – even on the wedding day Many brides think they need to wear a very special hairstyle on their wedding day. With this wish, they then go to the hairdresser and interpreted the “special” unfortunately often as artfully piled. Most women like to wear their hair in everyday life quite simply and openly. So why not wear your hair open or semi-open on your wedding day? It does not have to be a sophisticated updo, which usually goes completely by its own style. After all, you should feel especially comfortable on your most beautiful day. And that is certainly not the case if you do not recognize yourself in the mirror. Therefore our most important tip: Stay yourself and do not make it too complicated.

2. Open is the new updo By no means every future bride is in the mood for updo hair. For many, an updo is too classic or too old-fashioned. In fact, updos can make you look older than you are! As the trend at weddings generally goes away from the extravagant to the natural, the make-up or the bridal gown, the hair may also be natural. Natural and unique is in!

3. Half-up, half-down If you do not really want to get used to the natural look, you can also opt for a hairstyle variant that combines open hair with an updo. Half pinned up, half open: In the so-called “half-up, half-down” hairstyles, part of the hair is pinned up while the remaining hair is falling down freely over the shoulder. The result is an elegant, but overall natural-looking. The advantage: The hair disturbs less than when they are worn completely open. The best thing about half-up hairstyles is that the styling variants are almost infinite. With braid, hair ring, flowers or hair accessories … Even with a half-length bob, the half-open bridal hairstyle can be a nice option.

4. Hair accessories for making everything pop! Since the hair is kept very simple in a bridal hairstyle for open hair, the look may be spiced up with extravagant hair accessories. Whether real flowers, bows, hair bands … is allowed what pleases! But not only hair accessories, even veils can give the hairstyle a special touch and be an absolute eye-catcher. And what could be more romantic than a veiled wedding hairstyle? The great thing about the bridal veil is that there are countless variations and thus possibilities to stay true to your personal style on your wedding day. It is important, however, that the veil fits the wedding dress.

5.DIY Wedding Hair? Do you want to do your bridal hairstyle yourself? Then here are some nice ideas for you: If you want to wear the hair half-open, you can make yourself a romantic flower wreath for your hair. That’s not so complicated and looks supernatural. Or how about a glamorous bridal hairstyle with a crown? The noble accessory can be wonderfully combined with half-openly worn hair.

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