With these simple steps you can quickly create a great look – let yourself be inspired how make-up even for beginners is very easy!

1- The most important thing before applying your make up is, of course, cleaning the skin thoroughly before the care, and using the rights products for the makeup.

2- A professional tip: Make-up in natural light! In front of a lighted mirror, the results look very different than in daylight and so you run the risk of creating your make-up too dark. If you choose rather a halftone brighter color, nothing will go wrong.

3- Before you apply your makeup, you should first apply a rich, and protective day cream on your freshly cleaned skin and leave it for about 10 minutes. Make-up for beginners is much easier with this tip because the make-up is easier to apply and your skin is cared for under the foundation.

4. So that the foundation and make-up last throughout the day and the foundation do not settle, a make-up base or primer can be applied in addition to daycare and in front of the foundation. Primer ensures that pores are reduced in size, small wrinkles are smoothed and imperfections are concealed on the skin. Primer is an important step for a successful and long-lasting finish.

5- Next, you should choose a suitable foundation. Liquid Foundation is lighter and leaves the complexion of natural appearance, while a special masking cream is more opaque and thus perfect for laminating small impurities. Make sure that the selected shade matches your skin tone to avoid visible make-up transitions. To match the skin type, the foundation ideally should not deviate more than one shade of the natural skin color, so be a bit lighter than the actual skin color. This is one of the make-up basics and should always be checked again and again during make-up. Now the chosen foundation can be applied.

6- To make make-up for beginners as easy as possible, it is best to use a special make-up sponge. Begin by applying the foundation in the T-zone, in the area of the forehead and nose, and distribute them outward by stroking until the entire face is evenly covered.

7- Start by applying a light powder. Use a large make-up brush to pick up some powder and lightly pat it off. Now start spreading the powder evenly from the forehead towards the chin. The use of powder creates a perfect finish and conjures a naturally dull complexion. Especially with oily skin, it is important to use light powder for optimum durability of the primer. Make-Up is always based on the primer because only pure and even-looking skin makes good make-up.

8- One of the important make-up tips is also the application of rouge to the right place. With Rouge, the complexion looks much fresher and gives your face contour.

9- Do not forget to use setting spray so that your makeup stays lit throughout the day.

10. Like I mentioned in the first tip using the correct makeup products will create a difference, so for the best makeup products that are rated by makeup artists are in this article!

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